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Deutsche Borse Photography Prize of 2012

The four artists who have made the final short list for the Deutsche Borse Photography Prize of 2012 have been announced, and they are John Stezanker, Rinko Kawauchi, Christopher Williams and Pieter Hugo. This selection showcases the diversity of both the photographic approaches and subject matter, ranging from documentary and everyday photography to re-contextualising found images and also new concepts.

The 2012 Deutsche Borse Photography is presented the Photographers’ Gallery of London. This annual prize of £3000 is awarded to a living photographer of any nationality for their specific body of work that has been in either a publication or exhibition format. It also has to have made a significant contribution to European photography between the period October 1 2010-September 30 2011
The four artists on the shortlist have received their nominations for the following projects;  John Stezanker, born in 1949 in the UK is nominated for the exhibition he held in London’s Whtechapel Gallery from January 29-March 18 2011. Rinko Kawauchi, born in 1972 in Japan, has been nominated for her publication entitled Illuminancec, which was published by Editions Xavier Barral in France in 2011.

Christopher Williams was born in the USA in 1956, and has been nominated for his exhibition ‘Kapitalistischer Realismus’ that was held at Dum unemi Ceske Budejovice, Budweis, in the Czech Republic from May 5-June 12 2011. Finally, Pieter Hugo, born in 1976 in South Africa, receives his nomination for the publication ‘Permanent Error’, published by Prestel in Germany in 2011.

Julia Taeschner is the head of corporate responsibility for Deutsche Borsche, and she has said of this years short list that their esteemed judges have once again made an excellent selection with their short list for the 2012 prize. She added that these four individuals were all outstanding artists that reflect everything this prize is all about, and it is a privilege to showcase and acknowledge some of the years most exciting artistic contributions.


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