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Devon arts centre struggles for funds

artA Devon arts centre may have to close soon due to problems with funding.  In order to keep the Centre for Contemporary Art and Natural World open in Haldon Forest Park about £140,000 per year of funds will need to allocated or found.

However, the Devon County Council and the Arts Council, the two main funding sources, are not able to guarantee support, and the county council has also officially stated that it cannot guarantee its support during 2010.

Usually the Arts Council matches the funding that is received from the Devon County Council, but this year without money coming from the council it is not certain how they will receive funding.

Johanna Korndorfer, the learning centre manager, Johanna Korndorfer, commented to a news station that the centre is a great place for leisure activity because it helps to inspire creativity and stimulate imagination.  She added that they often get many people visiting who normally would not go to a visual arts centre.

Inside of the centre is a twenty mile network of walks, an outdoor theatre area, and views across the Teign Valley, and the forest, these are areas for on site art teaching and experience in a stunning location.  Also on the grounds are children’s play trails and cycle trails.


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