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Drawing by Rembrandt stolen

A theft at a California hotel netted an expensive drawing by Rembrandt in what was said to be a well planned, well thought and well executed heist. Late on Saturday, in Marina del Rey, at the Ritz-Carlton, the heist took place during an exhibition of many different expensive paintings that were on sale.

A police spokesperson, Steve Whitmore, said that the hotel’s security was top notch and it appeared to be a very well thought out plan that was executed to perfection. But he wanted to make a point that it was not to say the theft was all that elaborate, instead it seems that is was part of an old classic heist method of – hey what’s that over there?”

The thief was able to walk away from the exhibition with the artwork when their accomplices were able to distract the curator of the exhibition by pretending to be a possible buyer of one of the pieces on exhibition. While the curator’s attention was diverted from the rest of the exhibition the artwork was lifted and when he turned around it was no longer there.

The artwork, called The Judgment, is pen and ink and is thought to have been produced circa1665 and is about 6 x 10 inches and roughly valued at around £154,000. It is thought to be one of only 700 drawings around today that experts have agreed was drawn by Rembrandt.

A news report says that Rembrandts are one of art thieves’ most popular targets according to many art experts and are second only to artwork of Picasso, and that is due to the name recognition with the artist. In the last century there have been over 80 thefts, that have been documented, of Rembrandt’s work.

The majority of the works were recovered and it probably will happen again with this artwork as it will be very hard to sell the piece. The police tend to have the same opinion and are also saying that due to the footage they have seen of the surveillance video at the hotel.


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