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Dry docked ship brought back to life with graffiti art

A former ship now has a new lease of life due to some spray paint and a group of graffiti artists that volunteered to help turn it into a piece of art. The Duke of Lancaster has been dry docked at the Flintshire, North Wales Dee estuary for the past four decades, but now it’s a true piece of art.

The ship was originally launched back in 1956 by Wolff and Harland who also built the HMS Belfast and the Titanic. For years she served as a passenger ferry before she was renamed the Fun Ship and used as a docked ship for flea market and bar purposes. However, some time in the eighties she was closed and has sat empty ever since.

However, the DuDug collective, a group of graffiti artists from Russia, the UK, Hungary, and Latvia saw the ship and decided that it would be a great blank canvas that could be used as a giant public air art gallery.

A spokesman for the group stated that ever since they have been working on the ship people have been stopping by and saying that it has really helped bring the Duke back to life. The artists are also enjoying themselves because of the sheer size of the boat. Its large hull has allowed them to paint pieces as large as sixty feet into the air.

At the moment there are eight images painted across the hull of the ship, but there are plenty of more in the works. The owners of the Duke are open to the project even allowing the group to access the dock for days so that they can create their artwork. The aim is to really create a sight for walkers travelling along the Wales coast path.



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