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Everett paintings found in more UK homes than any other British artist

Herbert Barnard John Everett may not be known as the greatest painter in Britain, but despite this fact his many different boats, sea, and decks have their own bragging rights, because a lot of Brits own his oil paintings.

On the list of paintings that are owned by Brits, there are 1,058 Everetts which is astounding as the closest painters to him are Turners with 348 and Sickerts with 273. From here the list really drops down with just 36 Freuds, 31 Hockneys, and one Doris Brand.

Public Catalogue Foundation (PCF) member Andy Ellis ads not to worry if Brand does not ring a bell, there is no need to worry because you will not be the only one. According to Ellis they have not yet figured out just who she was outside of the fact that they think she is the last artist to join the public art catalogue.

The PCF announced this past Thursday that it was able to pull together images of all publicly owned pieces of oil painting along with help from the BBC. This means that every publicly owned oil painting in the UK whether it is deemed good or bad, is on display or in the stores, or owned by universities museums, galleries, or councils is now available for viewing online. Some paintings that are hosted online are even owned by zoos, police stations, and one lighthouse.

Andrew Ellis, the PCF director, explained that no other country has taken on such an ambitious project and explained that art is meant to be seen; which was the point of the project. Not everyone can get out to galleries or buildings to see art, but by posting the images online now everyone can view the paintings at any time they like.


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