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Exhibition of space junk found on the Internet hits the road

Internet shopping may now be a common thing, but it is not that often that you end up online searching for some space junk; however, this is exactly what Di Robson ended up doing before she hit the road for Exhibition ROAD SHOW which will run from July 28th until August 5th.

In her search, she was able to find a meteorite that had been recast and will be melted down and ready to be put in place before the art festival takes place. Of course, this is just one of the many wacky things that will be on display for those who come out to the show.

Also on hand will be a living sculpture that is made up of bees, a particle accelerator, and a bicycle orchestra proving that any piece of junk can be made into just about anything. Live music will also be on hand throughout the festival from the likes of Eliza Carthy and Patrick Wolf. In addition, Ali Smith and Michael Faber will be performing readings from modern literature and a few acrobatic shows are also scheduled to take place over the festival week.

In order to take special note of the Olympics, the public is going to be asked to put their wits to the test as they compete against each other playing board games that are as old as the 18th century.

The Chelsea Council and Kensington Council are behind a collection of art and science artifacts that will be laid out to help show off the unique cultural heritage of the area. Robson state that her goal was to create a large amount of excitement leading up to the street party that just happens to take place during the opening days of the Olympics.


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