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Exhibition planned for Howard Hodgkin’s 80th birthday

Howard Hodgkin would probably be regarded as one of the best British artists currently living. In order to celebrate his 80th birthday, it has just been announced that a new exhibition of some of his major works is going to be put on.

11 new works by the artist are going to be on display and these new pieces of art are noticeably different from some of his previous creations. Many will be surprised to see that they are very energetic and powerful and clearly cover a broad spectrum of different emotions. It is possible to see elements of anger, foreboding and also joy in many of the works.

The exhibition has been called Acquainted with the Night, a clear reference to the famous Robert Frost poem. This poem is often interpreted to be an expression of the author’s depression and it was also the title given to one of the first pieces of art by Howard Hodgkin that was first created around 60 years ago in the early 1950s.

Along with the exhibition is the introduction of the new catalogue which has been put together by John Paul Stonard, an art historian. Hodgkin’s paintings are famous for evoking memories and personal feelings of the artist and over the last couple of decades he has mostly been focused on creating etchings and hand-painted carborundum.

What most people will agree is that the new collection of paintings is somewhat a change in style for the artist but what is clear is that emotions are still playing a very important part of his works. Hodgkin was born in 1932 and attended the Bath Academy of Art. He received a knighthood in 1992 and won the Turner prize in 1985. He has also previously served as a trustee of both the National Gallery and the Tate Gallery.


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