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Expand Your Musical Tastes: Artists You MUST Hear

2We’ve all got our personal preferences when it comes to music, and you’re certainly very lucky if you’ve got a group of friends or co-workers who all enjoy the same genre or artists, so you can listen to the same songs and talk about the artist’s latest release.

One of the best ways to discover new artists is by listening to them or having your friends and colleagues tell you about them. You can listen to the radio and hear a song from a particular band, but it’s only once you really sit down and listen to their album, or see them live, that you truly appreciate how good they are – even if they’re not initially your kind of thing, there are plenty of songs that grow on people, and Wow247 have come up with a list of artists that you just have to listen to, even if it’s only the once, to try to expand your musical horizons.


This threesome from LA have come over to the UK and taken the charts by storm. Their single ‘The Wire’ has been up near the top of the singles chart for weeks and has been one of the catchiest singles of 2013. When songs are so popular, making remixes can go one of two ways – it can ruin the song altogether and nobody will ever listen to it, or it can make it even more popular. London-based producer Tourist has taken the HAIM hit, and given it a bit of a late-summer remix and it’s growing in popularity with every listener.


In the past few years M.I.A. has been…well…M.I.A. but she’s back with a brand new album and single Y.A.L.A is the typically infectious tune you would expect from her. With a fast, addictive beat it needs to be turned up loud – not to enjoy it – but to enjoy it even more.


If you’re looking for a more electronic kind of sound, then look no further than Arcade Fire and their new track, Afterlife. Fans of the band have been waiting for a fair while now for the release of the new album Reflektor and early indications are that it’s likely to have been worth the wait. Plus, the band has recently announced several dates for a new UK tour before the end of 2013.


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