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Facebook Store Designer Limited Editions Art collection exhibition

Facebook Store Designer Limited Editions

Facebook Store Designer Limited Editions

An exciting new online art exhibition will be taking place on Facebook. The Geraldine Mattis 84 exhibition will feature 84 prints and designs, 84 stunning works of art, 84 limited editions and will run for 84 days. This new concept in displaying art will be using iconic pieces from the design portfolio of Geraldine Mattis, which currently contains over 350 original works of art.

The work of Geraldine Mattis is highly sought after, and she has done commissions for the likes of the Deutsch and Guggenheim in Berlin. She founded her company in 2008 and is understandably excited about this unique exhibition. She said that it was a great honour to introduce a new exhibition online at her Facebook store. It is being organised just as you would in a gallery, info, invitations, refreshments and hopefully sales.
The art lovers don’t even have to leave their homes; they can just log onto the Internet at their leisure. They can also access the exhibition in libraries, Internet cafes or on the move via their mobile phones.
Also, she goes on to comment on:

“Having art reproductions and signed limited editions gives everybody an opportunity to invest in a luxury item that adds value.”

The price is £84.00 on Satin A1 paper unframed.

The first 100 customers to order a limited edition poster will receive 10% off…


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