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FBI move closer to solving 1990 Boston art theft

In 1990 in Boston, one of the largest art thefts in history took place. Just recently, FBI agents in the United States have raided the home of a mobster in Connecticut who they believed was involved in the robbery and has information that could help in the apprehension of those responsible for the theft.

20 agents were involved in the raid and they have now been examining the home and car for evidence that the mobster, Robert Gentile was involved in the crime. He is now 75 years old and has been in detention already since February on weapons and drug charges. The art heist which took place at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum involved the theft of several of the world’s greatest pieces of art many of them damaged when they were cut out of their frames.

During the robbery the thieves wore the costumes of police officers in order to get into the building. They attacked two guards and then stole the artwork which is estimated to be worth over half $1 billion. The museum offered a reward of £5 million for the return of the art, but no one came forward. The police conducted numerous searches for the arts, but were unable to come up with any useful leads.

A lawyer for the detained man stated that the FBI have been searching the premises in order to see if they can find any weapons buried in the ground. His lawyer has stated that if the FBI believe that they will find any stolen paintings on his property, they are very mistaken. He stated that the police have already been through his home before and found nothing, and he maintains his client’s innocence in regard to this robbery. The US attorney’s office has not commented about the matter.


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