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Fine art exhibitions receive a boost from fund raising auction

‘Maggi Hambling donated painting ‘Wave”, oil on board, 2012, Lot 49

‘Maggi Hambling donated painting ‘Wave”, oil on board, 2012, Lot 49

Esteemed artists such as Simon Carter, Maggi Hambling, Eamonn McCabe and Tessa Newcomb for the Fine Art Auction held at the University Campus Suffolk will donate priceless works of art. The UCS has goals of raising enough funds for a Degree Show and Exhibition by students, which will be held at the infamous Alderburgh Festival.

The auction which is is organised by BA Fine Art Students will give the community a chance to bid for the priceless works of arts donated by the said artists and of students and staff of the UCS, Woodbridge’s James Neal will be conducting the auction on March 6, Wednesday at 7 in the evening at the Waterfront Building of UCS.

Valerie Jones, Fine Art student at UCS, said: “Whilst organising this auction, we have discovered that there is more to a Fine Art Course than just painting – publicity, computer skills and plain hard work. But it’s brought us together as a group and I think we’re all looking forward to a successful and fun outcome.”

On the night of the auction, David Baldry, Head of Fine Art at UCS, will announce plans for both the Degree Show- a culmination of three years work for graduating students, and SNIP- the official partnering exhibition of SNAP which was launched in 2011 as part of the Aldeburgh Festival’s visual arts programme.

David said: “SNIP is an opportunity for students as early career artists to work alongside leading international artists including Abigail Laine, Sarah Lucas, Glen Brown, Jurgen Teller and Maggi Hambling as well as critics via a selected and professionally curated exhibition.”

“As well as exhibiting, one student will participate in a panel debate alongside SNAP artists whilst others will support SNAP artist install work. The Degree Show is a celebration of everything our students have achieved during three years of full-time study.”

Funds raised from the auction will go towards the presentation of both exhibitions.

All artwork to be auctioned will be able to be viewed from 2pm on Monday 4 March in the UCS Waterfront Building Foyer. The fundraising auction is to be held on Wednesday 6 March, starting at 7pm with drinks from 6pm.


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