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Fingerprint leads to new da Vinci painting

leoA fingerprint may have revealed a hidden Leonardo da Vinci portrait of a young girl, entitled, Young Girl in Profile. The painting was sold for only £12,000 at an art auction at Christie’s in 1998, as the work of an unnamed artist, but now experts believe that the work belongs to da Vinci escalating its value up to almost £100m.

The painting was discovered as a possible da Vinci by a laboratory in Paris, which found a fingerprint on it that bears a close similarity to ones on the work of other da Vinci work that is housed in the Vatican.

The fingerprint was found in the top left corner of the painting and is thought to be either his middle finger or index finger.

The print looks similar to one found on the St. Jerome by da Vinci at the Vatican.

Also, there are many stylistic similarities between the painting ‘Portrait of a Woman in Profile’ which was painted by da Vinci, and is housed in Windsor Castle and the new found painting.

It is believed that the young girl in the new piece of work may be Bianca Sforza who was the daughter of the Duke of Milan in the 15th century, and his mistress, according the Emeritus Professor of the History of Art at Oxford University, Martin Kemp who is also a known da Vinci scholar.

Although this would be the first painting discovered in which da Vinci painted the young girl, paintings of his are in existence of two other mistresses of the Duke.


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