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First complete Mel Bochner exhibition comes to the Whitechapel Gallery

The Whitechapel Gallery has announced the very first British show to be completely of the work by Mel Bochner the New York artist, who is known for being one of the founding fathers of the conceptual art movement that is slated to occur this coming autumn.

The exhibition will feature over fifty years of work by Bochner that dates back to the sixties and are as current as today showcasing his great use of colour and language. It will also include a 30m installation that will fill several galleries and feature works that are painted right onto the walls.

The point of the new installation painting is to show off his ‘Thesaurus’ paintings that are large word chains that start with simple phrases like ‘top dog’ and continue to gain ground and become much more powerful phrases such as ‘rule with an iron hand.’

Bochner is a remnant of the NYC art movement that came about in the sixties and included artists such as Robert Smithson, Eva Hesse, and Sol LeWitt. Together, Bochner and these other painters helped to bring painting back into the limelight at a time when the mode of art seemed outdated.

When visitors first walk into Gallery 1 they will see the huge ‘Blah, Blah, Blah’ painting that was created just for the show and consists of black velvet with thick oil pain on it. Then across the way they will see blue squares that are sprayed across newspapers that date back to 1970.

Around these walls are plenty of photographs in many colours that are crumpled up into shapes that resemble items you might find in a junk drawer. Also in the Gallery is an animated staircase that features lines that run across the wall randomly and is fun to watch.


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