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Former jockey reveals racing art exhibition

Former jockey reveals racing art exhibition

A former jockey has captured the pageantry of racing in a new collection of abstract works of art at a gallery in the Midlands. The Geoff Price Exhibition is being displayed throughout September in the Granary Art Gallery at Weston Park, which is on the border of Shropshire and Staffordshire.

The exhilarating works of art portray, in glorious colours, all the thrills of racing and depict the physical prowess of both the horse and the jockey. After a successful career in the 1960’s-70, Geoff completely changed the direction of his career and went to study fine art.

Most of his works celebrate and combine his great passions for racing and art, and they are clearly evident in his powerful collection. The curator of the Weston Park Foundation, Gareth Williams, spoke about the exhibition and said the striking and energetic style of Geoff’s work was sure to have a huge impact on the visitors.

As will all exhibitions at the Granary Art Gallery, entry to see Geoff’s exhibits is free. The gallery is situated in the fully restored granary building and has an ever-changing all year round programme of contemporary, historical, decorative, traditional and fine art displays.

The Geoff Price selling exhibition at the Granary Art Gallery, Weston Park, will run throughout September from 11am – 4pm. For further information please visit


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