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FOTO8 Summershow 2012 set to be the best ever

FOTO8 Summershow 2012 set to be the best ever

Ivory Coast United © Luca Sage, Winner Best in Show, FOTO8 Summershow 2011 Enal with Pet Shark © James Morgan, People’s Choice Winner FOTO8 Summershow 2011

This years FOTO8 Summershow will be taking place between 7th July-19th August, and is both the largest and most influential show based around photography that takes place in the UK, and this year is it’s 5th celebration of all things photographic, and entry is completely free of charge.

The FOTO8 Summershow provides a international window for all new and emerging photographers as well as those who are established in the field, and is a great showcase for the stories they have captured in their images. Photographers of every level are encouraged to take part in the show, and the only remit is that their images convey powerful stories, evoke questions and provide a window on life.

The open entry format creates a vast and visual tapestry of issues, life and stories that are both national and international. This approach, along with the diverse combination of work that is on show also raises thought provoking questions about the nature of today’s modern photography.

For collectors the Summershow provides the most significant chance to invest in new photography with prices for prints starting at just £75. The event is also one of the most popular on the photography calendar – around 4,000 people attended the Summershow last year.

Of the 3,000 photographs usually entered, just 150 will be carefully selected for display in the Summershow and offered for sale. A panel of internationally respected judges, including for 2012, BAFTA award winning artist/photographer Alison Jackson, will select an image to be Best in Show for which there is a £2,000 prize. The winner will be announced at the FOTO8 Summershow party, on 6 July when the photographic community come out to party at a huge street celebration with more than 600 revellers taking over Honduras Street. The show opens to the public on 7 July 2012.

The Show is underpinned by the belief that everyone can take a picture but few people can take a great photograph.  FOTO8 asks visitors to take part in this idea, by asking visitors to vote for their favourite image over the duration of the exhibition.  The image with the most votes receives the Peoples’ Choice Award announced two weeks prior to the close of the Summershow.

This year’s Summershow benefits from newly refurbished premises.  The FOTO8 gallery, previously known as HOST Gallery, has been significantly expanded and will provide increased gallery space for the 2012 Summershow.

Jon Levy, FOTO8 Founder and Co-Director, said: “The opportunity to capture an image that dramatically communicates a moment in time is no longer just the reserve of the professional photographer.  We are keen to support the democratisation of photography by providing an open call for anyone to submit images.  The Summershow is a unique opportunity for photographers from all backgrounds and disciplines to tell their stories and in doing so illustrates the diverse ways we see the world. The 150 images in the gallery act as a mirror to society and the lives we live now.  The Summershow is also a recognised platform for new talent and a unique canvass for evolving photographic styles.  This makes it hugely popular with photography collectors and enthusiasts alike.

“Since our inaugural show in 2008, the FOTO8 Summershow has grown in size and reputation. Each year the Summershow captures and reflects the mood of the moment becoming in itself a document of current photographic practice while simultaneously pointing to a future which is both promising and exciting.”

Alison Jackson, photographer and FOTO8 Summershow Judge 2012 said: “Anyone can take a picture but the fun and interest is exploring what makes a great photograph.  What is so exciting about this competition is that it does just this by being open to everyone across all subject matter. Choosing just one image to win is wonderfully provocative and I am very much looking forward to taking part as well as seeing the new talent coming through.”

Have you got an image for the FOTO8 Summershow?

If you think you have an image that tells a powerful story, why not enter? To enter and for submission guidelines visit Entries must be submitted by 14 May



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