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Fourth Plinth of Trafalgar Square to get new Statue

squThe Fourth Plinth of Trafalgar Square will be the spot for a small boy sitting on his rocking horse and a big, blue cockerel.

Katharina Fritsch’s controversial “Cock”, filled with sexual innuendo, will stand erect against the splash of the traditional Georgian architecture. “There it is! That huge blue cock in Trafalgar Square, and that’s all there is to it,” announced London’s Mayor, Boris Johnson, as he revealed the winners of the proposals.

“In a couple of years there will be a huge French cockerel standing in the square. If you are terrified that is symbolizes the occupation of the French in England, the only assurance I can give is that Nelson still has a watchful eye from above.”

The artists remarked, “That small boy on his horse represents the bravery of maturation from childhood, but it questions quietly tradition of military based monuments celebrating either defeat or victory.”

Johnson had far less to say regarding its substance. “You’ve got me what it means. Maybe it has something to do with Rolf Harris. Perhaps it alludes to Lawrence’s ‘Rocking-Horse Winner’.”

He pointed out that it would be on display in time for the Olympics, but joked that it symbolized Team GB’s expertise in the competitions that involved sitting, such as sailing, cycling, equestrianism, and rowing.

Michael Elmgreen laid out the purpose of the art, indicating that its intention was to make fun of the aggrandized war heroes and generals who circle the square.

“Not everything should focus on defeat or victory, failure or success. This work reminds us of the normal, daily, and very predictable aspects of life.”

“This child on his rocking horse is not yet a general and his horse is only wood, but he is nonetheless as heroic as any general in battle. This boy has no victims, as do the generals, and that is what makes him heroic in his own special way.”


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