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German artist Feldmann to have exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery

Hans-Peter Feldmann, a German artist, is holding an exhibition of his work in London. The exhibition is being held at Hyde Park’s Serpentine Gallery. This is Feldmann’s first solo exhibition in a gallery in London and features, amongst other things, several women’s handbag contents.

Feldmann has been a key figure of Düsseldorf’s art scene since the 1970s. At the exhibition in London’s Serpentine Gallery, you’ll find plenty of new pieces all neatly presented in traditional glass-paneled cabinets. Among the new additions are 6 women’s handbags, along with all their contents.

Original owners of the handbags are identified using their first name, age and the city they’re from. Each woman was given 500 Euros in return for the handbag and its contents, on the proviso that the woman was not allowed to tidy up the bag before relinquishing it. No items, except important objects like passports, credit cards and money, have been removed before display.

The results are several bags that contain a vast array of items from business cards, mobile phones and crumpled receipts to painkillers, sanitary products and a variety of other items. All paper money on show has been photocopied.

Feldmann enjoys collecting curious items and, aside from handbags, you’ll find several other things on display including seascape oil paintings, images of bathtubs before and after use and several caricatures of the artist himself drawn by Madrid street artists.

Visitors will also receive a complimentary image of the Queen in her childhood. The Feldmann exhibition is free to enter and runs until 5th June 2012.


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