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Gina Czarnecki Palaces

Palaces is a new piece of art by Gina Czarnecki and is something that is going to make viewers of the piece of art think as well as smile. The new artwork has been constructed from teeth that have been donated by children. The new piece of art will be on display in a retrospective of the artist’s work, and is part of a collaboration with Imperial College London.

The piece of art is a work in progress and more teeth are being added to the structure all the time. The artist has said she hopes it will stimulate debate in the country about the benefit of stem cell research. Ms Czarnecki has commented, “The idea behind this piece of work is to make people start thinking about recycling and waste and it should also tackle some of the taboos in society.

“I’ve always been fascinated with science and art and in this work I have managed to combine the two.” Her father was a survivor from the Second World War concentration camps and her interest in the ethics of biology extends back to childhood.

The piece of art is being displayed at the Bluecoat Gallery, which is located in Liverpool. She has said that Liverpool is the perfect city to show off this piece of work because it is a place where medicine and art come together. She commented, “There is a huge integration between healthcare and art in the city and the funding the city received as the Capital of Culture is really helping to stimulate art in Liverpool.” The exhibition will start this month and will continue until late February.


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