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Glasgow sports trophies art show

Glasgow next year will be a hosting new art exhibition that is going to feature unused sports trophies, the piece will be made up of over 2500 trophies and will be on display at the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art. Another work of art will feature debris that was collected after the London riots that took place earlier in the year.

Richard Wright, the Turner prize-winning artist will also have work on display at the 18 day festival which starts in April. It will span over 50 venues in the country. The program will be hosting a large variety of new art and nine out of every 10 pieces is on display for the first time in the UK.

Katrina Brown is the director of the festival and she has said, “This event really shows the Glasgow Art scene at its best and its most lively. Museums, galleries, and artists come to the city and its architecture will make a fantastic backdrop to this memorable event.

Karla Black who was nominated for the Turner prize this year is hosting the largest show to date in Scotland, several new sculptures she has created will be on show at the Gallery of Modern Art. Alexandra Mir piece will be on display and it is called ‘Triumph’ and this is the first time that it has been seen in the country. It is made out of trophies that she managed to find through adverts in local newspapers.

The piece of art focuses on the issue of personal triumph and the ultimate replacement by a more young and capable person. A temporary radio station will also exist while the festival is on.


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