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Google art identification application

gooThe mobile based picture search service by Google aptly named Google Goggles is ready to add some culture to its line-up as Google has secured a deal to purchase the Oxford based Android mobile app called Plink that will allow users to identify works of art simply by taking a photo.

The founders of the app- James Philbin and Mack Cummins- will be joining the Google team to enhance the capabilities of Google Goggles which dates back to a December launch date in order to help Google search via mobile photo.

Plink is the first UK acquisition made by Google, but it is a small one.  Google Goggles has however already offered mobile picture art identification but it is looking to improve its previous offering by adding more talent to its team since mobile search is growing in importance to the Google website.

Eric Schmidt the CEO of Google commented in January that the company would pick up a new company every month but most will be small purchases.

In December Plink won $100,000 from Google after Android users chose it as one of the top reference apps available to them.

Mobile product development director Hugo Barra who is based in London believes that due to the fact mobiles have sensors such as GPS and camera they are able to offer the world and users plenty of new search experiences which Google is trying to capture and relate back to users.


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