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Gordon House exclusive art collection with Muralto

Gordon House exclusive art collection with Muralto

Gordon House exclusive art collection with Muralto

The London Muralto showroom has added to its art collection in an effort to offer more bespoke furniture designs to visitors by featuring a new posthumous exhibition taken from Gordon House who is renowned as an artist and known for his work as the typographer for Sgt. Pepper’s.

When viewed together as one collection the works in the Muralto showroom are able to showcase the most essential pieces of Houses’s collection with a particular focus on colour, shape, and texture as you can see firsthand how Gordon combined the elements.  Among the pieces chosen for the exhibition are watercolour paintings, etchings, screen prints, and lithographs.  Given House’s tendency to be very modest, he did not receive much popularity during his lifetime but is still known among peers to be an accomplished artist.

Sir Peter Blake spoke fondly of House in an interview in the Independent stating that there are not many artists that are comfortable with the title of both graphic designer and painter, but House always seemed at home in both roles.  He also mentioned House’s work on several Beatles albums and then later on many of Paul McCartney’s solo records.

With House’s work hanging in the Muralto showroom collectors can engage with the art in a contemporary space and see how these unique pieces fit within a design scheme. Removed from the confines of a gallery the paintings take on a new, reinvigorated life. The exhibition is a marriage ofBritain’s rich art history and a modern take on classic interior design for the future.

Gordon House (1932-2004)

A painter, print-maker and graphic designer, House first emerged on the British art scene during the fertile period of the late 50s and early 60s.  This was a pivotal moment of change for young artists – who were responding to new attitudes and influences both at home and inAmericaandEurope.

In 1960, House and his contemporaries, frustrated by the lack of exposure given to large-scale abstract works in commercial galleries, organized their own show ‘Situation’ – which proved to be one of the key abstract exhibitions of the decade.  House was also an influential figure in the printmaking revolution of the sixties, being the very first artist to create a fine art screen print inBritain.

In addition to these activities, House was also an accomplished graphic designer – working for many of the majorLondongalleries and music labels.  He was regularly employed by Apple Records and famously worked as the typographer for both ‘Sgt Peppers’ and ‘The White Album’ by the Beatles.

The Tate Gallery in London has a large holding of original prints by House from the sixties and seventies.  His works have been included in exhibitions across the world and can be found in the permanent collections of a number of key European and American institutions and collectors.

The Gordon House collection at Muralto is sold in partnership with Gerrish Fine Art. For full details on House’s exhibition history please visit:

The Muralto showroom is available by appointment only at weekends and from 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday. To explore the Muralto range online, please visit





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