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Gorilla shows his artistic side in Paignton Zoo birthday celebrations

A 9 year old lowland gorilla called N’Dowe, who lives at Paignton Zoo, has shown his artistic side by painting a sculpture of a gorilla. This is part of a year long art project that was created to both celebrate the 90th birthday of the Devon zoo as well as to highlight the plight of gorillas in the wild.

In total, more than 20 of these sculptures have been creates to make gorilla trails around the Exeter and Torbay areas. The masterpiece that N’Dowe created is to be used as an educational study before it goes up for sale in an auction.

The staff working at the zoo claimed that the gorilla opted to paint using her fingers and lips and brushed aside all other ways to apply the paint on the sculpture. Neil Bemment, the Paignton Zoo Curator of Mammals, said that this could be the very first sculpture of a gorilla to be painted by a live gorilla.

Not all artists can participate in this great event as only a few were selected to show their talents and the work of these artists will be displayed through entire duration of summer. Sources claim that the event organisers hope to have at least 30 gorilla sculptures on the art trail and mini-sculptures will be displayed indoors. These small gorilla sculptures are also created for various projects and activities in the educational sector.

The zoo stated their delight at the success at the preparations saying that the project is on course to be a huge success and the sponsors that are backing them for this event have been very cooperative. They added that these gorillas is a new way of showing the world of the animals in the wild and that it will dazzle people.

After the summer is over the statues will be sold at a public auction and the proceeds will directly go to gorilla projects as well as other community development projects.




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