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Granite City masonry workshops

aberdeenAberdeen is also known as Granite City, and for the first time in its history the town will celebrate its granite heritage.  Beginning Monday, May 2nd the month-long festival will offer an overview of the city’s ‘foundations’, with masonry workshops, educational talks and walking tours of famous buildings and monuments made of the indigenous rock.

For about 230 years, the Rubislaw Quarry has been the source of granite for building projects around the world.  More than six million tonnes of the enduring stone were taken from the quarry before it ceased operations in 1971.  The resulting 500 foot deep pit is the largest man-made excavation in Europe.

Aberdeen Councillor Irene Cormack is the chief instigator of the festival, which is led by Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums.  As the restoration of Marischal College, the famous city landmark founded in 1593 is completed, the City Council will begin moving its offices into the College buildings later this year.

The festival opens with a demonstration of the modern masonry techniques used in the £65m     restoration project, to take place at Provost Skene’s House.  Marischal College is the second largest granite building in the world.


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