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Great opportunity arises for Gibraltar artists

Artists who come from Gibraltar, or currently reside there, will have the opportunity to be represented by the prestigious Clarendon Fine Art gallery in Mayfair this autumn. It has been announced by the Ministry of Culture that a collaboration between Clarendon Fine Art and Gibraltar House in London will provide a showcase for the work of Gibraltarians with an initial private viewing on 16 October at the Clarendon’s elegant Dover Street gallery.

The gallery, owned by DeMontfort Fine Art, is one of 39 galleries across the UK known as the Whitehall galleries and you can visit for more examples of the works and artists represented. Clarendon Fine Art is curated with the discriminating collector in mind; they offer some of the best contemporary art for distinctive interiors to collectors, both established and emerging.

The Minister for Culture noted that the exhibition will be a great international promotion for Gibraltarian artists. Interested artists are invited to submit up to three works in any medium of their choice; they will be judged by representatives of Clarendon Fine Art.

If selected for exhibition, the reviewers will advise on a sale price which will include their commission. All the selected works will be offered for sale after the exhibition closes on 20 October, 2012.

The review and final selection of works submitted will take place in Gibraltar in September; artists who wish to made submissions can visit for more clarification on the type of work the gallery typically exhibits. Those whose works are selected for the October showing may have the opportunity for representation by the gallery in the future.


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