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Halcyon Galleries New Bond Street

A new gallery on New Bond Street is to be opening this  month. The gallery is a new one from Halcyon Galleries and it will be hosting a special exhibition by Dale Chihuly. Mr Chihuly has recently commented, “This new collection of my work is something I’m very excited to present and returning to London to do it is a great joy for me.

This new gallery is located in a wonderful building and has enough space to show off my new work. In terms of scale I am pushing my medium as far as it can go and I’m constantly trying out new techniques.”

Next year is a particularly important year for the artist as it is 50 years since the foundation of the International Studio Glass Movement which he is the leading proponent of. The movement was started in 1962 in the United States and since those times has grown significantly and is particularly important for all artists who are working with glass.

The exhibition by the artist is going to be using all of the space in the gallery, which includes three floors. A special piece of work has been designed to fit in one of the larger rooms and it is 24 feet long. There are also numerous paintings and drawings by the artist featured in the gallery alongside the work that is done in glass.

Mr Chihuly has said about his work, “I like to work with glass in a very natural way and use the fewest number of tools possible. I want the glass I design to come from nature and not from a factory. The glass blowing process is incredibly inspirational for me and seeing glass being shaped by human breath is something I am continuously impressed by.

I also greatly enjoyed using colours in my work and I have never found a colour which I’ve added to glass to be something that I haven’t liked.” The artist is most famous for his architectural installations, where his glass forms a part of an important building. In many historic cities, private houses, and public museums around the world you will find his installations and in many cases, this work is one of the key features of the building.

His work is very popular among collectors in the United Kingdom and he is probably best known for a very successful exhibition that he had at the V&A Museum in 2001. One of the most impressive pieces of work that this gallery had was an almost 30 foot high chandelier which has remained as one of the museum’s permanent exhibits. Since it was first installed in the gallery, this chandelier has been seen by millions of people.

Another very notable installation by the artist is at Kew Gardens where he designed a glass garden specific for the location. Since it was installed in 2005 the exhibition has been seen by nearly 900,000 people. Throughout his career the artist has been featured in over 200 museums and has been commissioned for installations in several private locations.


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