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Hampton Court has plenty to offer adults as well as children

For a long time Hampton Court has been marketed as a place which is very appealing to children, but the organisation behind the marketing have recently decided that they want the venue to appear more to adults. The Palace has also been trying to move interest away from Henry VIII towards more peaceful monarch such as Charles II.

A new exhibition which is going to appeal more to adults is called the Wild, the Beautiful and the Damned. This exhibition is a focus on the mistresses and court ladies of Charles II, and there are many portraits featured in the exhibition which are quite revealing.

The exhibition has been cleverly created so that it is also appropriate for children. There are clever captions which will mean something to adults, but children will remain oblivious. Unfortunately however, the exhibition is clearly had quite a strong focus on creating something a bit controversial, which is a pity because if they had had spent less time working on this, and instead focused on the information itself, this could have been an informative and interesting exhibition.

What is interesting is to see how the portraits that have been created through the times of the various monarchs change. For example we are presented with pictures from both the Tudor and Stuart periods, and it is clear how the Stuarts had a very different attitude towards sex, than the Tudors did.

The exhibition is in many ways quite erotic. But this is a fairly accurate presentation of how things were at the time. The exhibition tells of how young women would come to the palace in order to be chosen for marriage and in many ways the portraits here provide an accurate, and fascinating, representation of how this process took place in the Palace


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