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Haworth Art Gallery receives new entrance

A former manor house that was used as an art gallery has been treated to a new entrance due to the generous donation of time and labour by local craftsmen and some lottery funding.

The Haworth Art Gallery now has new gates that are designed to represent the 17th century and have recently been unveiled. The work has been completed in an effort to bring the building back to its previous glory and were crafted out of vinyl, fitted by Rourke & Co, and made out of galvanized metals.

The gates were built onto the Acrrington manor house as a step towards historically renovating the building so that it resembles its fine stance from back in the day. The new gates were created by using a picture that was taken of the original gates of the gallery in order to create an update version that would fit onto the space that now exists for them.

The original gates were created by Robert Bakewell the 17th century ironworker. The house was then called Hollins Hill was was originally built to be a Tudor home to JP William Haworth for whom the home is now named after.

Over the years the house was eventually donated to the public and the mansion and surrounding park was referred to as the Haworth Park and Haworth Park Gallery in order to show gratitude to the family for donating the home to the public.

The original wrought iron work was thought to have been taken apart and removed from the mansion at some point during World War II. Funding for the gates was offered by National Lottery Grant and more.


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