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Hayward Gallery to become art school

Next summer the Hayward Gallery which is located in London will be turned into an art school that will be open to the public. Such famous artists as Martin Creed, Mark Wallinger and Jeremy Deller will be offering lessons. There will also be internationally famous artists at the school such as Marlene Dumas and Thomas Hirschhorn. The school will consist of a series of workshops and lectures, and at the end of the exhibition there will an art show which includes some of the public’s work.

Patrick Brill has commented, “This is going to be a great place where people all come together and share their artistic ideas.” Jude Kelly is the artistic director on the Southbank and she has said, “It will be running for a month and anyone is welcome and it would be a great experience for people to gain a better understanding of art.”

The event is tying in with the Festival of the World which is taking place on the Southbank next year. Date wise it will coincide with the Olympic Games and should be one of the highlights of the festival. Other events that are taking place at the festival include a world record-breaking gathering of poets and several orchestral performances. The event is very diverse and there will be performances by deaf and disabled artists and these events will run at the same time as the Paralympic Games.

The director of the Hayward Gallery is Ralph Rugoff who has commented, “The Olympic Games are the inspiration for running the school next summer and is intended to encourage people to get off the sofa and do something more productive than just sitting at home. The art event is something that can appeal to those who do not have sporting talent but talent in other areas.”

At the event over 200 poets will be present where they will be running a workshop and performing readings. At the end of the event will be a final gala for all of the writers. A representative has commented, “We want to make the Southbank next summer a place where poets can come together as a community.”

Music will also be a large part of the festival and several temporary concert halls will be assembled on the Southbank and musicians will be offering teaching sessions to young musicians. There will also be a Latin music fiesta as well as music from Africa being performed. There will also be a series of debates and talks surrounding African music and what the African continent can bring to the international community. Debates on social change will be held using African examples and those of the events will involve a mix of young and old people.


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