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Henry Moore sculpture recovered

henryA Toronto art dealer recovered a New York City gallery bronze Henry Moore sculpture that has been missing since 2001.

Owner of Miriam Shiell Fine Art Gallery, Miriam Shiell, said that a man attempted to sell the statue on consignment at her Yorkville store a week ago which is valued at around $80,000.

However, when Shiell looked it up as part of a routine search on the Art Loss Register it was quickly clear to her that the statue was stolen from a museum in New York.

The recovery of the statue comes directly after a batch of stolen goods was recovered in Montreal at an art gallery when the owner realized he had a Paul Klee painting that was stolen.  Investigations are underway in both cities but authorities do not believe there is a connection between the two.

Henry Moore is known for his abstract large marble and bronze sculptures that are spread out around the globe in several cities.  One of his sculptures sits in Nathan Phillips Square named Archer and came at a large cost of $100,000 when it was commissioned in 1966.

Before Moore passed away, the artist donated 200 pieces of his work to the Ontario Art Gallery which are on view to the public at the Henry Moore Sculpture Centre in the Gallery.


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