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Henry Wood is US bound

Since his move to London, Henry Wood has been chosen to go to the United States to showcase art in Los Angeles. He will be showcasing his work at the Orange County Centre for Contemporary Art. He is one of the few artists that will be going to the USA to display his work there as part of a programme organised by a Notting Hill school.

Mr Wood recently graduated from Kingston University and was invited to attend the school as he was identified as having a particular talent. About being selected to go to the United States he has recently commented, “It is very exciting to go and put on a display in Los Angeles.

To be able to travel to California is a wonderful opportunity and I’m very grateful to the school who is choosing to back the project. The platform is wonderful for young artists and it is a great way for us to display our work in another country. “The flavour of the exhibition will definitely be British and most of the pieces are about the culture of the capital city.”

Most of the artwork that Mr Wood produces is created using primitive and raw materials such as bone and salvaged wood. A new piece of art has been created from objects that he has gathered from the River Thames. He said he chose the River Thames together with the items as it is such an essential part of the capital city.

The pieces of work that he has created are certainly interesting and explore the idea of the people of London having a shared history with the River. It also explores the idea of how the river has been controlled by the population into how this has changed over time.

The group of artists heading to America have been described as some of the best young artists in the United Kingdom. When you consider the artists who are going out there to exhibit you can understand why they have been selected.

Nicola Anthony is another one of the artists and she was the recipient of a scholarship from the Tate Britain. She has also recently had pieces of art displayed at the Tate Modern gallery and both Banksy and Saatchi are said to be collectors of her art. Rosie Emerson is another artist and she is most known for her work at The Southbank Centre.

The trip is especially unusual because currently there is a significant lack of funding in the art world due to the economic recession. Many people have said that this is a good sign that funding for the art world is back on track and marks a great day for art culture in Britain.

Mr Wood commented, “We are currently raising funds so that we can get as many artworks out there as possible, it is not an easy task in these times but it is something we are very dedicated to. This is going to be an empowering exhibition for all of us young artists.”



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