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Hitler photos and art returned to Germany

ahJohn Pistone was one of the first US soldiers who entered Adolf Hitler’s home in the Alps near the end of World War II.  As he went through Berghof he noticed an album of photos that he decided to take home with him.

64 years later Pistone has finally learned that the album of photos and sketches were actually meant to show all the artwork that Hitler wanted included in a museum that he planned to build in Linz, Austria called ‘Fuhrermuseum.’

The album of photos will be given back to Germany in January said the US State Department.   Currently Germany has 19 additional albums that were found at Hitler’s home that were all part of the collection of works that were possibly to be included in the Linz collection.

Pistone found out the value of his book by mistake when a friend took note of the book on Pistone’s bookshelf and decided to look it up on the internet.  The friend found that the Monuments Men Foundation for the Preservation of Art based in Dallas, TX had restored two other albums that detailed stolen art from Jewish families by Nazis.

The founder of the group, Robert Edsel, went to Ohio this past autumn and took a look at the album only to determine that it was part of the missing albums from the series of photos for the Linz museum.

Edsel stated that his foundation on average gets a call every day about an object that they are curious about.


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