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Huge bamboo sculpture has a new home

People power was the force that helped create a large sculpture that stretches for miles. The structure is made out of bamboo and is set to be the marker for a memorial to extinct species.

It was moved to the Bowers Quarry on Portland from its previous location sitting at the Royal Manor Arts College. It took around 100 volunteers to move the sculpture that strands over 60ft into the air and is shaped to resemble the ‘Portland screw.’

The sculpture was originally created by Antoon Versteegde the Dutch artist and the move was a decision made by the Mass Extinction Monitoring Observatory. One of the sculptors from the group stated that it was a brilliant move. He explained that at first it was a hesitant move because they really needed all hundred people to get the sculpture properly picked up and volunteers were slow to arrive.

He went to explain that they kept worrying that they would not get enough but luckily there was a charity match happening nearby so when they thought that they almost had enough volunteers they went over to the charity match to see if they could just get a few more helping hands.

Brooke stated that they were glad to help with even some of the batting team choosing to help. He said later someone texted him to say that you could see the sculpture in its new position at Bowers from Nothe which is quite a distance away. Local musician James Kimber helped bring some spirit to the move by offering junk percussion as the move was taking place and walking along with the volunteers.


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