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iPad has first fine art apps Artfinder

Art exhibitions are to become social, digital and accessible to everyone thanks to a collaboration between Artfinder, The Wallace Collection and Cass Sculpture. The home of art on the web, Artfinder, has launched its very first fine art apps for the iPad in partnership with the Wallace Collection’s Watteau exhibition and the Cass Sculpture foundation.

The Artfinder apps are going to put art right into the hands of fans of fine art and this establishes the iPad tablet as a pioneering device where art is concerned. The revolution has been likened as to what Kindle did for e reading and the iPod did for music. A whole new generation can now discover and appreciate art without leaving their home.


For those wishing to visit galleries, museums and the like, the apps also offer you a guide to the establishments before you visit. For those who can’t make the visit in person, a window can now be opened to view the works of art you are interested in. Whereas before, you might have had to buy a postcard of your favourite work, you can now share it via download from the app to your social network.

With Artfinder’s apps, art discovery and browsing becomes:

– personal: exhibitions in your hands, in pin-sharp quality
– social: artworks can be shared via email and Facebook
– memorable: favourite the art you like as you browse

For artists, galleries and museums, Artfinder-powered iPad apps represent a new model for publishing curated content: far more accessible than the traditional art book, and offering an experience that can be long-form and comprehensive, souvenir or catalogue-like, a snapshot of an exhibition or collection, or any point in between.

With the Wallace Collection app, users can view high quality images of artworks from the current Watteau exhibition, Esprit et Vérité: Watteau and His Circle. The Cass Sculpture Foundation has partnered with Artfinder to create three apps: Biomorphia, featuring monumental sculptures by Eilís O’Connell, and two of their Breaking The Mould series, which feature works by Tony Cragg, Eduardo Paolozzi, Bill Woodrow and other eminent artists associated with the Foundation.

Chris Thorpe, Artfinder co-founder, said: “Art and this beautiful device and screen are just made for each other. We’re very excited to be launching our apps program with the Cass Sculpture Foundation and the Wallace Collection. We’re taking the coffee table art book into the digital age, and making it globally accessible. Each app offers a unique, self-contained, finishable art experience, retaining what’s wonderful about traditional art catalogues and monographs but with added social features, updateability and interactivity.”

Wilfred Cass, co-founder of the Cass Scultpure Foundation, said: “We are very excited about the Foundation’s partnership with Artfinder, and about the apps they’ve created for us. The experience of viewing and browsing through these beautiful, pin-sharp images of our monumental works on an iPad is hugely enjoyable. We hope that these apps will bring 21st Century British Sculpture to an even wider global audience, while providing a showcase for the work of the Foundation and the artists it supports.”

The apps are available for free in the iTunes App Store now:

Cass Biomorphia

Cass Breaking The Mould 1

Cass Breaking The Mould 2

Watteau at the Wallace Collection



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