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Is smashing a gallery window art?

brickAn art student from the Edinburgh College of Art received a £200 fine for smashing in a gallery window as part of his art project.

Kevin Harman age 27 smashed the window of The Collective Gallery on Cockburn Street with a pole and recorded it.  Later he showed the footage of his vandalism on the Brunswick Street New Haven Gallery.

Harman did the project on his own volition, according to the Edinburgh College of art, and he admitted to the charges of breaching the peace and disorderly conduct.

Malcolm Stewart, the fiscal deputy, stated that he wrote to the art gallery and told them that he would be bashing the window in for an art project he titled Brick.  Harman did not write to the gallery again to let them know when the action would occur, which left staff unprepared for the incident.

The “art work” actually occurred on November 23rd while the museum was closed for a meeting.  Stewart stated that the gallery occupants were upset, even though they were expecting the event.

After breaking the window Harman was prepared with a glazier and immediately fixed it.  His defence solicitor stated that while he was not given permission to break the window, he also was not told not to either.

Harman quickly repaired the window with the glazier in 25 minutes and took caution to make sure that no one was harmed.  After he left court he stated that he planned to apologize for his action.


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