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Jenny McCarthy reveals new print collection

Jenny McCarthy reveals new print collection

Jenny McCarthy reveals new print collection

Jenny McCarthy, the contemporary Irish artist, has just announced the release of her new set of limited edition prints. Every print will come as part of a unique set containing 100 prints an you can choose whichever number you want to buy. They are all printed on top quality canvas and created by specialists with every canvas being stretched by specialists onto custom made frames.

The print you choose will be both numbered and then signed by Jenny herself, and carry a unique seal to prove its authenticity and provenance. By choosing a finished canvas that has been gallery wrapped means that there’s no need to frame it and it is all ready just to hang wherever you want in your home.

Jenny has also opened a brand new online store at, meaning that art lovers around the world can now easily purchase these strictly limited edition prints of all her original oils. The website also features a video of film quality that emphasises beautifully how every work captures the visual and emotion sensations that are evoked by west Kerry’s breathtaking scenery.

Jenny’s work is sold and appreciated worldwide:

“My grandfather Michael Long grew up in Ventry c. 1900. Discovering your beautiful and amazing paintings of Ventry Beach are a treasure. Thank you” Kathleen Daly, USA.

“The Spanish Armada in a heavy seaway is without a doubt one of the best representations I have seen of the sea and it now hangs with pride of place on my wall at home. Thank you Jenny.” Damian Foxall, Volvo Ocean Race.

“I have been working all day on a computer. Stumbled onto your work, feel like I went for a walk… Thanks, needed that” Stephanie Murphy, Canada.

“Wow, found you through Twitter Jenny and have to say your work is stunning, effortless and visually compelling. You have such an intensity to your work that I find it serenely emotional in places. Love it, love it, love it.” Swarez contemporary art, London.

Jenny McCarthy is an established contemporary Irish artist who lives and works in the remote west Kerry village of Ventry on the very edge of Ireland’s west coast. Jennys’ paintings are oil on canvas and her works include the dramatic scenery where she lives. More technical works such as the Navigator series feature detailed paintings of sailboats and navigational instruments. She employs a limited palette to create a purer result and is influenced by Monet for colour and by Turner, for light. Learn more about Jenny in the online video interview on


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