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John Bartlett is his own artist

John Bartlett the painter works and lives from his Green Lanes floor flat. His most famous painting showing the poll tax riots of 1990 was purchased quickly by the Museum of London where it is still housed within the permanent collection. It also was so popular that it was turned into a poster for the London Underground.

Bartlett turned his flat into an actual art venue on a temporary basis a few years ago in 2009 in an effort to get some more funds from his artwork. It was controversial at the time, but called the Tate Newington spurring a Tate collector to show up and tell Bartlett that they were not happy that their logo and name was being used by the artist.

Despite the fact that he got some backlash, it turned out to be positive backlash when Vivienne Knight of the Guildhall Art Gallery showed up and fell in love with some of the canvasses hanging in his apartment that showed the everyday life of London. After seeing his paintings Knight invited Bartlett to exhibit at the Guildhall. The exhibit is being hailed as mid-career show, but in reality it will turn out to be a retrospective of his works as he will unveil sixty works that he has done over a twenty year period.

Bartlett stated that he approaches every day scenes in a new and different way which is why many people are drawn to what he creates. He said that he paints landscapes, but then tosses in something unexpected so that they stand out. He also often puts in the darker side of London into his landscapes by placing political messages into his plays that he hopes will enlighten people and shocked them enough that they debate the subject matter.



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