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Kew Gardens is the location of David Nash’ largest ever exhibition

Kew Gardens has just seen the opening of the largest exhibition from David Nash. The artist, who is based in Wales, is internationally renowned and is featured in what is probably the UK’s biggest exhibition space. The art critic and poet, Professor Tony Curtis was at the official opening.

Nash has a ten month show and residency at Kew and his sculptures are displayed in the buildings and areas of the vast gardens of Kew. There are literally millions of plants at Kew Gardens and a large botanical art collection. There was a garden party opening and Professor Stephen Harper, Kew Gardens Director, said that Nash’s work was a great match for what they are trying to do at Kew.

Some of his works are in the Temperate House which is the biggest Victorian greenhouse. The sprinkler system, for watering the plants in the greenhouse, has been turned off and the gardeners are having to do all the watering by hand while the exhibition is on.

David Nash’s career has run for forty years and he has created over two thousand wooden sculptures some of them on a massive scale. The exhibition will run until next April and it features eighteen of the artist’s bigger pieces and also some of his new work. For the new work Nash is actually using wood from Kew Gardens and has already been producing sculptures from a 300-year-old oak tree he found in the Gardens.

Because the exhibition is also a residency, Nash will be dividing his time between his home in Wales and a house in Kew Gardens. His home in Wales is in Blaenau Ffestiniog and some of the large sculptures stand on beds of Blaenau slate at Kew. Nash’s wife, painter Claire Langdown, is with him for the residency.



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