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King Robbo supporters turn to Banksy for funds

Street artist King Robbo, who is based out of Holloway, has recently been involved in an incident that left him with a serious head injury. One of his main rivals is Banksy, another street artist. King Robbo was placed in a coma by doctors after the accident and he remains in a critical but stable condition. The artist was set to open an exhibition of his work just days later in Shoreditch. There is no criminal investigation into the incident that caused his injury.

King Robbo has been involved in a rivalry with Banksy for two years. Banksy has recently been urged to donate some of his work to a fundraiser for the injured artist to help pay for his medical bills. Members of King Robbo’s graffiti crew, ‘We Rock Hard,’ say they have not heard anything from Banksy, while other artists are donating some of their works. They intend for the fundraiser to raise money for any long term care that King Robbo may need. This money will be given to his family, which includes his young daughter.

One of the members of ‘We Rock Hard’ has said that, “If Banksy chooses to donate one of his works, it would be a very nice way for him to extend a hand of friendship that we would gladly take. The rivalry between the two of them is not seen personally by King Robbo.” However, a month before his injury, King Robbo stated that the rivalry began when Banksy insulted him at a meeting.

The rivalry between Banksy and King Robbo came to the public’s eye in 2009 when Banksy gratified over some of King Robbo’s art. This started a competition which has seen King Robbo alter a great many of Banksy’s works.

The fundraiser will be taking place in Shoreditch, at Cargo, located on Rivington Street on the 4th September. It will see an auction of various works that have been donated to the cause. Banksy has not officially commented on the issue. Recently one of Banksy’s works has been graffiti-ed over and one academic has argued that the buildings with his more famous graffiti on should be protected.


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