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Labour manifesto makes promises to the arts

west endThis year the Labour manifesto is taking an extensive look at the arts and culture segment of government to an unprecedented extent which may partially be due to the fact that Conservatives have offered a few initiatives on the arts over the last few months, or perhaps because they are afraid to get negative publicity from the small but noisy arts lobby.

Among the inclusions are a handful of new policies and initiatives such as a £10 theatre ticket scheme that will be extended nationally to match the National Theatre’s Travelex £10 tickets, a biannual Festival of Britain in order to celebrate the achievements in British theatre starting in 2013, new incentives for philanthropy, and primary legislation to guide natural museums so that they can get greater independence.

Also included is a mention of looking over the current structure of the English Heritage in order to ad mutual principals at the core governance so people can offer more input into how the historical legacy of Britain is preserved and maintained although this can be a bit hard to interpret and can really be expanded to mean anything from pubs to football clubs.

Worth noting is a promise that will allow public institutions to borrow art from the national connection so that more people will be able to view the artistic heritage of Britain although once again the statement is a little open-ended and could refer to art within national museums, the arts Council collection, or maybe the government art collection.


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