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Landscapes365 Scottish Love Letters – Photography Art Prints

Andrew and Rosie Woodhouse, photographers who are based in the Isle of Skye have their own take on which are the best ways to let your loved ones know exactly how much you care. Their latest collection is simply called ‘Love Letters‘, and is available through their own website at . The collection is a combination of the stunning landscapes that exist in the west coast of Scotland and beautiful hand painted letters which simply spell out the word ‘love’.

As well as the ‘love’ prints in their classic collection, you can also purchase bespoke images featuring short phrases, dates or names to create a personal gift that is ideal for a christening, an anniversary or a wedding. A backdrop of the sweeping sands on the Hebrides is a great way to celebrate the birth of a baby, and the splendid peaks of the Cullin Mountains are a splendid way of remembering the date of your wedding.

Founder, Andrew Woodhouse says: “We have always been in awe of the scenery that we’re lucky enough to photograph every day. It means different things to different people, we’ve met people who have fallen in love with the west coast of Scotland, visiting time and time again, we know people who have got engaged on local beaches and we know that some just dream about coming here. The ‘Love Letters‘ collection not only brings together our love of the Isle of Skye but it hopefully goes someway to expressing how inspiring and rousing the landscape can be and how much it means to people who see it.”

Available in a selection of sizes from 12 x 8in to 38 x 28in the ‘Love Letters‘ prints are finished in either a classic white wooden or ornate antique frame. They can also be presented as a canvas wrap or as an acrylic print. Prices start from £45 including delivery. A bespoke image starts from £85.
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