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Last WW1 veterans portraits given to the nation

wwWelsh artist Dan Llywelyn Hall from Cardiff painted two of the oldest WWI veterans before they died, has gifted the portraits to the nation.

One of the paintings was of Henry Allingham who was the oldest man in the country at the time. The sitting took place just a couple of days before Allingham died. The other painting is of the last Tommy alive in Britain, Harry Patch, which preceded the portrait of Allingham by a few months.

Both of the preparatory images were given to the Royal Collection and the National Museum Wales because Hall felt that it was only appropriate that the nation own the paintings so that they could be preserved for generations to come.

Hall also stated that it was a privilege to have painted the veterans. In several sketches he has Allingham in his room, while Patch is shown getting coffee at his nursing home. Another shows Patch dressed with his war medals pinned onto his jacket.

The Royal Collection is on public display at various locations including Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace as well as other principal royal residences. It can also be seen around the world during special exhibitions.


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