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Latest production of Carousel is a real treat

Carousel is a production which has been perfectly managed by Jo Davies and the management is met very well with the stylish costumes and set pieces that have been designed by Anthony Ward. The score is also very impressive and has been organised by conductor James Holmes and all of these people work very well together to create a production which has a great deal of love and authority in it.

The production is based on the play Liliom, by Hammerstein. This is a book that has a great deal of tragedy and entertainment in it, while managing to remain very inspirational. The production involves many talented opera singers as well as specialists in musical theatre. The acting is also strong and all of these elements come together very nicely.

It is most amazing how Davies manages to bring all of the elements of the production together into one astounding piece. The way everything reaches a single dynamic is quite astounding and the way the dance works with the song and acting can only be described as remarkable. In many ways it is impossible to tell where the professional dancers end, and where the actors and chorus members begin.

The lead actors in the production or incredible. Claire Boulter brings just the right amount of daftness to her character of Carrie Pipperidge and the beautiful tones sung by Joseph Shovelton really bring a wonderful amount of depth to the production. The rest of the cast are also very well chosen and they complement the main actors very nicely.

They all have great acting ability and presence onstage and the audience will really become involved with their characters very quickly. The emotional charge of this production is quite noticeable and it is very easy to become emotionally invested in the story.


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