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Leonard Beaumont Exhibition

Leonard Beaumont, who spent his evenings creating art after his work in a newspaper office, is about to turn from a shadowy figure into a renowned artist. He was a former employee in the art department of the Sheffield Telegraph, but his passion drove him to create masterpieces that, unknowingly, will make him establish a brand and identity for is hometown. It is for this contribution that made his birthplace recognise him through an exhibition of his vivid and vibrant works of art.

The exhibition curator at Sheffield’s Graves Gallery, Sian Brown, remembers the first time she came across Beaumont’s work in the art collection of the municipal. The creation, which was named Grinders, was a 1932 lino print. It is a bold and brisk neutral image of two men who are honing knives, a reflection and symbol for a city that is known for its steel business. The art was made simple, but it appeared to be forceful due to the influence of futurism and vorticism, two artistic movements that celebrate the hustle of modern life and rise of mechanization.

According to Brown, Beaumont’s striking and vigorous creation left him curious about the artist’s identity, and made her wonder how it ended up in that place. Luckily, she obtained funds to index their collection of works on paper giving her the chance to get a better view of what they currently have.

Later, Brown discovered that the Museums Sheffield displayed approximately 80 of Beaumont’s arts. These creations, which are mostly prints with a couple of watercolours and drawings, were donated by the artist himself prior to his death in the year 1986.

Although there is an exhibition in 1983 and a catalogue essay was written, many details about Beaumont’s life and artistic practice is still unknown. For Brown, his works are tantalizing, but they are underrated throughout his lifetime. Because of the enticing arts that he produced, it is such a shame that people during the artist’s time didn’t ask more questions about him. She added that communication is vital, and she’s hopeful that people will reveal more pieces of information about Beaumont.



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