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Let There Be Sculpture!

sculMany people disregard sculpture as an art in the UK even though historical monuments are spread out throughout the country in town squares and churches.  Even some of the greatest names from the past embodied by sculptures such as Chantrey and Flaxman are unrecognizable to most people.

However, more contemporary pieces of sculpture in Britain are receiving a bit more attention as of late with Damien Hirst, Anish Kapoor, and Antony Gormley receiving quite a bit of praise given their works are featured in the yards of many prominent country houses throughout Britain.

The next generation of sculptures is hoping to make the same type of splash at the Wiltshire summer exhibition at the New Art Centre titled ‘Let There Be Sculpture!’  The exhibit features 12 new works along the Roche Court parkland and gardens which were built back in 1804.

Many of the artists behind the new sculptures come from the south London region of Peckham and have previously been on display there in a small gallery on Bond Street run by Hannah Barry.

This is the only thing the young sculptors have in common however as their works are quite a variety of sights.

For instance, Oddball by Bobby Dowler is a giant orb made of fibreglass that is painted brightly and placed near a croquet lawn not far from a pair of greyhound sculptures.

Look a little to side and you will see a rusted steel frame made by James Balmforth that is held together with a red sticky type matter that looks a bit like gum.

Just a little farther down is a black steel candelabrum that is atop a pole created by Marcus Klienfeld.


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