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‘Liverpool Discovers’ art trail

liverpMusical lampposts are just one of the attractions at ‘Liverpool Discovers’, a new art trail through Liverpool, funded by EU funding and Culture Liverpool, that runs from Valentine’s Day to the 20th March. The trail marks important personalities, life-changing inventions and history of the city.

The lampposts, featured in Liverpool One and made by Andy McKeown, are thought to be the first musical ones in Britain. Like a giant i-Pod, they play a broad selection of music, including every single number one played by artists from the city, fifty-seven in total. The music selection is random but can be changed at the press of a button, and is best heard close-up as, otherwise, it is quite quiet.

A mosaic at Speaker’s Corner remembers Mary Bamber, one of the suffragettes who fought for equal rights for women. A giant telescope at the Pier Head represents 17th century astronomer Jeremiah Horrocks. Colin Welland, who scripted the Oscar-winning film Chariots of Fire is represented in St Helens by moving images. On St James Mount, the public can listen to the sounds of the city with two huge sound ‘mirrors’. The puppet Kelda will represent the Wirral’s Viking past.

Liverpool has huge importance, both historically and cultural, and it is important that events such as this one, put on by Wild in Art, continue to reflect that.

Take a look at what’s on at As well as featuring the trail, the website includes a number of interesting facts about the city. For instance, the city’s School of Tropical Medicine was the organisation that connected mosquitoes to the disease Malaria, and won the Nobel Prize for the discovery, in 1902.


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