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Local businesses donate new sculptures to London city

London has gained several new sculptures thanks to the generosity of several local businesses including Aon, IVG UK, British Land, and Hiscox. In partnership with the City of London Corporation the group has created a sculpture display called Great St Helens, which is located amongst several of London’s architectural icons.

Also known as Sculpture Space in the Heart of the City, the exhibit includes works from Dan Graham, Tracey Emin, Michael Craig-Martin, Yayoi Kusama, Angus Fairhurst and Thomas Houseago. The exhibition is free and will be open until 2012 and organizers hope it will create for locals and visitors a more active art experience.

As part of the buildup to the London Olympics, the sculptures add to the continuing buildup and the buzz factor prevalent throughout the city. Other activities include Celebrate the City commencing this weekend and brings activities over four days including walking tours, a street fair and live music.


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