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Lomondgate business park unveils new sculpture

This week, a sculpture in front of the Lomondgate development was unveiled to the public. The sculpture sits in front of the business park entrance and was designed by Andy Scott, the international sculptor.

The stag stands at roundabout now after months of work that was put into building and designing it. All and all it weighs a total of two tons and stands at six metres. The only thing that makes it more magnificent is the fact that it is lit up by spotlights that allow it to shine well into the night hours.

The stag is actually made up of about 2km worth of steel that have been chopped into tiny pieces and then welded back together again to form the sculpture. Scott is best known for the M8 Heavy Horse and the Cumbernauld Arria.

The Lomondgate Business Park is a portion of the £100m development which is composed of a Dumbarton community that is home to 338 private residences, a Premier Inn, Costa Coffee drive-thru, and the Brewers’ Fayre family restaurant. It is also the location of the £22m Aggreko manufacturing plant and the BBC River City studios.


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