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London’s Fleming Collection of North of the border art

London’s Fleming Collection, UK’s only museum devoted to only Scottish art, last year invited contributions from certain artists to sell at a summer exhibition. This proved to be so successful that it was decided they would do it again. Thus, in the heart of the Mayfair, there will be a summer show of impressive living Scottish artists.

The emphasis is painting but there is a great deal of diversity among the artists. They range from Ian Howard the principal from the Edinburgh College of Art to an ECA student just completing his MFA, Alexander Allan.

Kate Whiteford will present works commissioned for Imperial College of Healthcare Trust relating to the penicillin inventor Alexander Fleming. These works are to scale and they could be cultures in a Petri dish or an aerial view of Fenwick Moor his birthplace

Grahma Fagen will have photos and prints from earlier work about Robert Burns, Adam Kenedy the Aspect prize winner will has an impressive piece that is inspired by the shipbuilding past of Glasgow, great work by Mark l’Anson with his pencil drawing and Jo Milne’s abstracts of interlocking circles.

A few streets from the Mayfair another happening is taking place at Lowell Libson Ltd. to promote the publication of a new National Galleries catalogue for the Scotland’s collection of English watercolours and drawings. The NGS is like a treasure trove and the small show works from the 18th and 19th centuries reflect their diversity.

In the onset of expanding travel drawing and watercolours were to record new places and plenty of fine examples are located her with the study of Palazzo Grimani in Venice by William Callow, dramatic Colosseum paintings by John Robert Cozens, John Frederick Lewis’ study of Cairo the mountains of Elba and John Webber’s Native American home at Nootka Sound.


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