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London Art Fair releases details of latest Art Projects

The London Art Fair has already announced details of its new Art Projects, the showcase of contemporary artists and their works that is offered to the public every year as part of the Fair. This section focuses on offering wide access to some of the best contemporary art galleries in London and is a great platform for showing the incredible depth of contemporary art in modern times.

In order to showcase the leading galleries, the Art Projects gallery will offer a snapshot view of the some of the most common artist concerns and practices via a series of solo shows, installations, and group displays. Some of the exhibitors include Hannah Barry who sill show images from the Oliver Griffin Evaluation of Space Series and Limoncello who will display a space that was inspired to be utilised by Take Me Out the ITV dating show.

Some of life’s largest questions will be explored as part of Art Projects this year such as the La Scatola Gallery project that involves four artists that are forced with the task of evolving against the prophetic notions of civilization and art. Another great example is the BEARSPACE presentation that takes a look at the subject of artificial intelligence. These are artists that look for questions that are not always comfortably asked by the mainstream, but are clever enough to avoid attempting to answer.

Samara Scott will also present a solo exhibition worth seeing titled the Sunday Painter that takes a close look at everyday objects and uses them to play with identity and place by creating a large showroom out of vases, carpet, and artwork.


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