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London art galleries abuzz with Olympic fever

The UK is abuzz with anticipation of the Olympic Games, which is coming to the capital city this summer. It is not just bought that is going to be a very important part of the events and culture is also going to be an important element.

As well as watching Michael Phelps collect even more gold medals, people are going to be able to enjoy fantastic pieces of art in some of London’s best galleries.

Damien Hirst is having his first retrospective event which is taking place at the Tate Modern. This features over 70 of his pieces including one of his most famous, the shark in formaldehyde. Also included in the exhibition is the famous diamond skull which has been valued at over £50 million.

The director of the Tate galleries is Nicolas Serota and he has commented, “We think the Olympic Games is the perfect time for us to showcase British artists and we are delighted to be able to host Hirst’s retrospective event.”

Other cultural events that are taking place include the World Shakespeare Festival which is going to be the largest Shakespeare festival ever created. There are over 50 organisations from around the world involved in the event


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